Meet Chris

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I am one of two founding members of Sankaty Wealth Management, a boutique wealth management and financial planning practice in the Boston area; backed by the parent company Northwestern Mutual, one of the largest broker-dealers in the industry. Although my expertise is not limited to one set profession, career, or lifestyle – I find that my typical clientele consists of affluent families, with complex financial planning needs. They struggle with thoughtful financial planning, not necessarily due to a lack of knowledge, but rather because they lack the time and the bandwidth to be able to think about these things on the active and consistent basis necessary for financial success. At Sankaty, we make complex and comprehensive planning simple.

My typical clients are:

Directors, VPs, and key level executives, who work at biotech and pharmaceutical companies that have a significant amount of employer equity. Oftentimes, these individuals are highly compensated through:

  • RSU/RSA;
  • stock options (NQ and ISO);
  • and they have the ability to purchase employer equity through an ESPP plan and inside of their 401(k).

These individuals often carry a high level of financial intelligence and are looking for sophisticated investment and tax diversification strategies as it relates to their financial planning.

Sales Professionals, who are highly compensated sales executives working for software, tech, cybersecurity, medical device, and pharma companies. They are:

  • capped on how much they can fund into 401(k)s;
  • ineligible to fund IRAs;
  • and looking for strategic and tax-efficient ways to grow their long-term wealth.

Young families and new parents, who are in need of the essential foundational planning to support their lifestyle for the long-term, like planning for college or preparing for their first home purchase. As a younger family man myself and having welcomed our first child in 2019 and twins in 2022, I personally understand the importance of thoughtful financial planning as it pertains to providing security for your family.